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Light up the summer nights with a Tin Can Lantern! Make your own with an empty can, hammer, nails, and a candle. A fun & inexpensive way to create homemade candle holders. Click here for a full tutorial: https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/how-to-make-a-tin-can-lantern  No federal endorsement intended.

Get prehistoric with Frozen Dinosaur Eggs! Put tiny toys inside of a balloon with food coloring or glitter, fill with water, and freeze. Peel the ballon away to discover frozen fun! Click here for a step by step tutorial: https://youtu.be/wgtlqH5GXs8 No federal endorsement intended.

Big fan of Nebraska wind? Create a homemade Critter Windsock from recycled containers. Combine any empty container (like a can, plastic bottle, or toilet paper roll) with some simple art supplies to create this Safe Summer craft. BEE creative! Make a lady bug, butterfly, or other fun critter. Add a wind chime for an extra touch. Click here for an online tutorial: http://meandmyinklings.com/index.php/2019/07/18/diy-windsocks-from-recycled-containers/  No federal endorsement intended.

Wash away your troubles with some bubbles! Create your own Safe Summer Homemade Bubbles! Easy to make and tons of fun! Click these links for bubble instructions and activities:



No federal endorsement intended.

Wash your hands! Have some Safe Summer fun with Homemade Jelly Soap. Combine unflavored gelatin with hand soap, add food coloring or glitter, and wash your stress away. Click below for instructions:



No federal endorsement intended.

Here's a new way to make a classic American treat just in time for Memorial Day! Safe @ Home Solar S'mores! You only need some common household items, chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Click here for full instructions: https://desertchica.com/diy-solar-oven-smores-kids-science-experiment/

Safe @ Home ART ROCKS! Make a fun caterpillar or rock cactus garden. Gather rocks, pebbles and sticks, then add some paint & creativity! Click here for rock garden caterpillar instructions: https://www.nelliebellie.com/garden-rock-caterpillar/  Click here to see rock cactus ideas:  http://maciplantsmagazine.womensbest.ru/744594-plants-cactus-painted-rocks-41-new-ideas.html

Have some Flower Frame Fun while you're staying Safe @ Home! Take beautiful spring flowers, a cardboard box, and some plastic wrap to create a simple work of art. Click here for directions:http://krokotak.com/2015/04/flower-panels/

*No federal endorsement intended.

Have some fun in the kitchen while you're Safe @ Home. Make Edible Slime! You only need 3 ingredients: gelatin, cornstarch, and water. Safe & non-toxic, plus quick to clean up. Fun sensory play for kids. Here are links to a couple of tutorials:  https://bit.ly/2VsJrPQ   https://bit.ly/2K0VvTj

Transform a toilet paper tube into man's best friend. Follow these instructions to make a Toilet Paper Roll Puppet Puppy! Here are links to 2 different tutorials (no federal endorsement intended):



Play "Safe @ Home Outdoor Bingo" from the Warhawk Community Center. Get outside and see how many items you can find on the bingo card. The middle space with the Warhawk Community Center logo is a FREE SPACE. Happy hunting!!