Thank you for your interest in the Offutt AFB Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) & Military OneSource virtual resource fair. Our goal is to promote all the amazing special needs resources available to the community for everyone, including non-military families. This event is designed to be as brief and succinct as possible, no more than 30 minutes, to fit your family’s busy schedule. Each webinar will include 3 facilitators: Lori Symonsbergen with Military One Source: Offutt’s EFMP Family Support Coordinators; and an expert in each respective field as a guest speaker. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and engage in conversation, but it’s not required.

Below is a brief description and schedule of each webinar, please register for one or multiple presentations. Once you submit your registration, you will receive a confirmation email where you can also add the event(s) to your calendar. If you would like to speak with someone about this event, please send an email to 55FSS.FSHE.EFMP@US.AF.MIL.

This event is FREE and open to the general public – so invite your friends and make it a watch party!

Intro to EFMP & MOS

Tuesday April 13th 6:00-6:45

Join Lori Symonsbergen with Military OneSource (MOS), Jonnie & CJ with EFMP-Family Support, and the EFMP-Medical team to learn who we are and what we can do for you. Who should you contact when you need a referral? Where do you go when you don’t know where to go? Or, maybe you prefer to do things more independently online, but how can you avoid falling down the “rabbit hole” of information? This workshop will answer all your questions and guide you through Offutt AFB first ever Virtual Resource Fair.

Young Adults Transition Services & Employment

Tuesday April 13th 6:45-7:30

Transitioning from school to independent living is possibly one of the biggest steps in life for young people with special needs. With the help of state and public education services, young adults can learn about work skills, work ethic, and practice activities of daily living to build independence and gain employment.

Financial Planning & Legal Services

Thursday April 15th 6:00-6:45

Life planning for family and children that may one day need living assistance, live independently, or stay in the family unit, often requires help from financial and/or legal professionals.  This webinar will review financial and legal services in our community that can help guide parents and guardians through the challenging and emotional process of establishing a life plan.

Support/Advocacy/Respite Care

Thursday April 15th 6:45-7:30

Parents and caregivers often depend on the reliable and priceless services of respite care providers. We don’t want families to ever feel alone when they need an advocate in their corner. This webinar will highlight the multitude of family support, special needs advocates, and respite care services available from federal, state, and local entities.

Therapies & Adaptive Devices

April 20 6:00-6:45

Therapeutic services such as PT/OT/SLP/ABA and others are offered in many schools and in independent therapy centers in the metropolitan area.  Many adaptive needs such as wheelchairs, chair lifts, car modifications, and orthodics, can be achieved through private and local grants, state services, health insurance, and good old fashion creative problem solving. Listen in when we review some of the best resources for therapy and adaptive devices in the area.


April 20 6:45-7:30

This area of Nebraska has a plethora of services when it comes to this category. It’s almost spring and that means it’s time to start looking for summer camps that offer fun and educational activities for the whole family. This webinar will review resources for athletes, actors, divas, drama queen & kings, gamers, nature lovers and more! We will only showcase the absolute best resources for special needs children, siblings, and caregivers for all ages and abilities.

Special Education

April 22 6:00-6:45

Special Education services through the public school system in this area is one of the best in the country. They start with early intervention services and continue all the way to young adult transition time. Learn about federally funded organizations that can help guide you through the process of developing a 504 or an IEP. Join us if you are feeling overwhelmed or would just like to know where you can get some expert advice to make sure your child is receiving all the services he/she deserves.

Offutt AFB Agencies

April 22 6:45-7:30

The Community Action Team (CAT) is comprised of Offutt’s Helping Agencies that collaborate monthly to address quality of life issues affecting Offutt’s community members.  Issues discussed and addressed through outreach activities are based on holistic health, or the Comprehensive Airmen Fitness (CAF).  CAF has four pillars of health which are spiritual, physical, mental and social health, so any base agency that falls under one of the pillars are part of the CAT team.  Examples of helping agencies are SAPR, Family Advocacy, Airmen and Family Readiness, Chaplain Corps, Health Promotion, Mental Health, and more!

State & Public Programs

April 27 6:00-6:45

This webinar will be dedicated to highlighting government programs that have not been presented in previous webinars. We will discuss health care programs, government funded financial assistance programs, self-service resources and websites, Department of Defense services and more! Bring all your questions for our guest speaker and be ready to take some notes!

Mental Health Services

April 27 6:45-7:30

Mental Health services in the community can be somewhat difficult, overwhelming, or confusing.  We will highlight a diverse range of mental health resources available for the whole family (family, marital, pediatric, residential, in-patient, out-patient, etc.). Only agencies and services that are in the Tricare network will be discussed at this webinar.