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The Education & Training section is a customer-focused team of subject-matter experts that prepare Airmen and their Families to meet academic and career challenges for today and tomorrow. The Air Force uses this program for recruitment and retention as well as readiness.

The Education and Training Section supports long-range Air Force goals for maintaining a high-quality force by providing educational opportunities to enhance professional and personal development of our Airmen. We provide Air Force Tuition Assistance for degree completion ranging from the CCAF Associate degree to graduate degrees. We have 4 academic institutions on base to provide to a variety of degree programs for our personnel. We administer testing services for Airmen enrolled in the non-resident Professional Military Education programs , Career Development Courses, Promotion Testing, non-linguist language testing (DLPT, DLAB), specialized testing (AFOQT, AFCT, etc), and CLEP/DSST tests offered through our on-base DANTES National Test Center. The Education and Training Section also provides academic and vocational counselling, information on funding education (GI Bill and other sources) for military personnel, family members, DOD civilians, retirees, and other beneficiaries.

Microsoft LaunchCode - Software Development Training

LaunchCode, in partnership with Microsoft, is executing a FREE course to train 30-40 transitioning military personnel and veterans with TS/SCI clearances in computer programming in a 18-week full-time virtual bootcamp. Graduates of the online course will receive full-time job offers at Microsoft contingent upon completing virtual training, background check, and validation of U.S. Gov't Security Clearance. Coding experience and a traditional tech background are NOT required! LaunchCode and Microsoft are looking for collaborative, innovative individuals who are willing to work hard and learn the necessary skills.

Training will run from Jun 7 to Oct 8.

Separating before Jan 1 22

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Military Tuition Assistance & AF COOL

The Department of the Air Force restored military tuition assistance to $4,500 per fiscal year and Air Force Credentialing Opportunities Online preparatory course funding for fiscal year 2021.

For military tuition assistance, Airmen and Space Professionals are eligible for up to $4,500 per fiscal year and a maximum of $250 per semester hour or quarter hour equivalent to cover tuition and allowable fees. For AF COOL, funding for preparatory courses, also known as boot camps, is restored. AF COOL funding limits remain at $4,500 per life-time.

As a result of the reinstatement, both programs will resume the same benefits as before.

For more information, consult Air Force Instruction 36-2670, “Total Force Development."

Call the Offutt Education & Training Center at 402-294-5716 or email (and provide a contact number) so that we may assist you.

AF COOL Overdue Grades

A recent AFAEMS update populated overdue suspense dates on a number of AF COOL goals dating back to 2015.  This update has caused a number of Air and Space Professionals to receive a message regarding overdue grades and being responsible for reimbursing the government.  AFI 36-2670, Total Force Development, stipulates that all funding associated with the credential goal has to be recouped if the grade is missing.  However, the recoupment process is not automatic and requires a manual review of every record.

  1. AF COOL CPO has received a large quantity of messages regarding the regarding reimbursement actions
  2. Members need only send one message to the AFVEC messenger box and that message will be reviewed and answered in the order received
  3. The entire AF COOL team is teleworking so AFVEC is the best way to talk with COOL
  4. If a message was sent via AFVEC messenger, there is no need to also send it to the Reimbursement org box
  5. Members should continue sending in grades and they will be processed as fast as possible
  6. The AF COOL Reimbursement org box is for reimbursement issues only, not general questions
  7. Please be patient with AF COOL, we are not going to take the member’s money tomorrow.  AF COOL CPO is working a large backlog and is processing voluntary reimbursements first, then old suspense dates that date back to 2016.
  8. For PMP certifications, COVID is not an issue with testing centers; PMI allows testing from home. This is becoming true of more and more credentialing agencies; member has to check with the credentialing agency.  AF COOL does not need to make changes to the member’s record.
  9. Lastly, it is the members’ responsibility to read and verify any contracts they sign with a vendor regarding refunds and payments for exam vouchers. If a member exceeds her/his allotted time and the vendor no longer will pay for the voucher, it is the responsibility of the member to fund the exam or reimburse the government for the entire amount funded on his/her behalf in the pursuit of the credential goal.

NOTE: If it is more beneficial for the member to request an extension, will work with the member to grant him/her a reasonable extension.  We rather prefer the member provide us with a grade than go down the route of having to initiate reimbursement action. 

Call the Offutt Education & Training Center at 402-294-5716 or email (and provide a contact number) so that we may assist you.

Military Tuition Assistance - Kuder Journey Assessments

New Air Force regulations require a Kuder Journey assessment prior to receiving Military Tuition Assistance. The assessment is also required before changing an education goal. You can find the Kuder Journey assessments at: It's FREE for military. Once you have completed the Career Interests Assessment contact the Offutt Education & Training office at: 

Defense Language Proficiancy Test (DLPT)

If you are a military member and in need of your Defense Language Proficiancy Test (DLPT) and/or Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) scores reported to CCAF for credit, you will need to complete DLIFLC FORM 420 and request the transcript to be sent to CCAF; please see Base Education Office for the form or further assistance.

Virtual Force Development Center

The virtual Force Development Center was designed with all Airmen in mind (active duty, reserve, guard, and civilian.) Airmen are encouraged to take time and visit the virtual center to review the free resources available to them and take the extra step towards self-development.

The one-stop site links to numerous professional development resources. The center has consolidated various self-developmental services and information to link members directly to foundational learning, professional education, and many other resources. Airmen also have access to a collection of self-paced courses, books, videos, case studies, learning tracks, executive book summaries and live events that can be accessed from your personal device.