Celebrating Life since 1892

Things have certainly changed since the 19th century when Offutt’s cemetery was first developed. Offutt AFB cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries belonging to the Air Force and is currently categorized as a Closed Government Cemetery. However, it is still Active, meaning we honor existing reservations, but do not accept any new reservations. Offutt’s cemetery has over 860 total gravesites, over 820 gravesites filled, and over 750 markers.


Offutt AFB cemetery was established in 1892. The installations first burial was that of Pvt Joseph Ferguson, and infant son of Samuel Pittson in 1897. Since then, there have been over 800 burials recorded here, including over 50 children of military personnel who were laid to rest due to an outbreak of Polio. Offutt AFB Cemetery is unique as it is one of only five Air Force installations with a designated cemetery. The other four cemeteries are located at United States Air Force Academy, Fairchild AFB, FE Warren AFB, and Volk Field. Only one of those five (US Air Force Academy) is considered Active. It is an honor and a privilege to celebrate the life of those who served and their loved ones


The most recent burials took place in 2020. Each year during Memorial Day, the 55 Wing Commander, along with the Air Force Association (AFA) places flags annually. Additionally, each December, Wreaths Across America places wreaths on each headstone to honor and remember each of these Veterans and their families.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the Cemetery?
128 years old (it was established in 1892)

Can I get buried in there?
No, unfortunately Offutt AFB cemetery is only open to the people whom had made reservations prior to 2001.

How many People are buried there?
There are over 800 people who have been laid to rest here and there are currently over 750 gravesites.

Can I keep my family’s Headstone if it is replaced?
No. The VA only authorizes one headstone for the member. Any damaged or worn headstones that need to be replaced will be removed and properly disposed of.

If my family member passed and had a reservation, how do I get them buried in your cemetery?
Let the funeral director know your family member had a reservation in the cemetery and have them contact the Cemetery Responsible Officer (CRO). She/He will confirm the reservation and coordinate the funeral time and date.

How do I go see my family member if I do not have base access?
Contact the CRO to coordinate your access to the base. You will need the valid driver’s license for each person coming onto the base so your names can be cleared by Security Forces Squadron.

Who maintains the cemetery?
Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) maintains the grounds, CRO maintains the history, plot information, map, and headstones. Additionally, the CES drafting office updates the map.

Have more Questions? Contact us!

Cemetery Responsible Officer: 402-294-5894

CES Ground Maintenance: 402-294-3834

CES Drafting Office: 402-294-1380

Pass and ID: 402-294-6844