Offutt Base Lake

(531) 215-6658

Must be DoD ID card holder in order to access Base Lake and facilities.

Base Lake Recreation Area
Open Year Round - Dawn to Dark

Office Hours:

Monday 10: 30am - 6:30pm
Tuesday 10:30am - 6:30pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 10:30am - 6:30pm
Friday 10:30am - 6:30pm
Saturday 10:30am - 6:30pm

Closed: All Federal holidays


Adventure outside! The Offutt Base Lake is open for camping, fishing, archery, and more!

We've set up a temporary office at the Base Lake to manage campsites, rent equipment, plus sell fishing & archery licenses. The office is open 10:30am - 6:30pm; closed Wednesdays & Sundays.

10 dry campsites are available for up to 30' travel trailers. ONLY $12 per night. No motorhomes or 5th wheels. No reservations. First come, first served. Max 72 hour stay. No electric, sewer, or water service.

Tent camping is available in 2 designated areas. ONLY $9 per night.

Campfires are allowed ONLY in designated fire rings.

The lake is stocked with a variety of fish. A State of Nebraska fishing permit & a Base Lake fishing license are required.

Rent canoes, kayaks, & pedal boats. Personal watercraft are also allowed. NO motorized boats. All occupants must wear a life jacket.

The archery target area requires a pass & signed agreement to access. Single Day, Season, and Family pricing available.

No facilities/utilities on site.

No storm shelter.

No swimming.

The FAMCAMP facilities were damaged in the 2019 flood. We are rebuilding the Boat House & Pavilion with an expected reopening in the next couple of years.

Fish Consumption

Fish in the Offutt Base Lake are routinely tested to determine the safety for consumption.  Prior to the flood of 2019, the last formal testing was conducted in 2016.  This test revealed fish sampled from Offutt Base Lake showed common contaminants of mercury and polychlorinated biphenyl [PCB’s] resulting in the issuance of a fishing advisory from Nebraska Game and Parks.  Although Nebraska does not issue fishing bans, advisories suggest individuals should consume less than an average of one, eight-ounce meal of fish per week from identified waters.

Following the March 2019 flood, and prior to reopening the Base Lake Recreation Area (BLRA) for fishing, internal agencies on the installation required anglers release any fish caught at the lake.  This policy remained in effect until water safety and fish samples were tested to ensure minimal health risk for those consuming fish.

The 55th Force Support Squadron/Outdoor Recreation office teamed with base Civil Engineering, Nebraska Game and Parks, Nebraska Department of Environmental and Energy, and the University of Iowa to conduct required fish tissue testing.  Two common fish species were utilized to test for the contaminants of concern.  At the conclusion of this routine testing, Offutt BLRA fish species were identified as containing some level of mercury and PCB’s.  The water quality and fish tissue results came back well under the State’s levels of concern for consumption and the fishing advisory remains in effect. 

The Wing Commander has rescinded the catch and release requirement.  Based on testing, the fish at Offutt BLRA still contain some level of mercury and PCB contamination and anglers should remain cautious when consuming large quantities of fish from Offutt BLRA.  Of note, these results are similar to other regional lakes in the state of Nebraska.

Please visit the link to read the entire State of Nebraska’s fish tissue study:!OpenDocument